Sara Delahan
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AeA Celebrity Video

This video was designed to impress a crowd of investors during an event where each company was given just 6 minutes to make its total presentation. Quick MTV-style edits of photo stills, text, and short snips of live video, cut to an edgy soundtrack, showcase the company's high-tech manufacturing equipment, high-profile installations, and celebrity users, along with Mackie's hardware and software products--all in just over 90 seconds.

I selected the music and then edited it in ProTools to fit the format of the video. I then selected the photos, preparing them for video with Photoshop. Searching through Mackie's existing footage on Beta SP tape, I digitized scenes that conveyed a lot of information within a few seconds. Finally, I edited the video using Avid Media Composer. The end product was a DV tape projected from a portable DV player.

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