Sara Delahan
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Mackie Central Video

This video was shown at Mackie's booth during a contractor trade show (NSCA). The goal was to encourage audio installation contractors to use the Mackie Central proposal generation software which simplifies the process of building proposals and features Mackie, Mackie Industrial, and third-party products.

I helped set up and assistant-directed the video shoots, both in-house and on location at an installation in Edmonds, WA. During a videotaped demonstration of the software, I operated the scan converter that captured live screenshots of the software synched to the demo, taking care to get adequate footage of both full-screen and close-up shots. I edited the complete project in Final Cut Pro and provided graphic transitions between the sections using Photoshop.

The end product was a DV tape projected from a portable DV player. It was also later duplicated for distribution to sales reps and potential contractor customers.

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